Vega Kapera (vegakapera) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,
Vega Kapera

Unorthodox (Final Fantasy VII) Elena/Tifa PG

 Title: Unorthodox
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters/Pairing: Elena/Tifa (very very mild)
Words: 300
Prompt: distance
Rating: PG
Note: Found this in an old notebook, it's at least a year old and bad. Takes place when Tifa is captured in Junon.

"Sorry about this." Elena mumbled, posture formal and chin held high. "But you've brought this on yourself."

Tifa refused to look at her. The tension in her limbs the only thing betraying the restrained rage.

"If you hadn't tried to attack me, I wouldn't have been forced to bind you." She chuckled. "... I may be new, but not even an infantryman would let their guard down near a prisoner."

"You're a child." Tifa snarled.

"There are no children anymore. Not in Shinra. Or anywhere else for that matter." She leaned back against the wall of the cell. "Look, I'd like to thank you."

"Turks don't thank terrorists."

"Shut up if you don't want to be gagged." Amber eyes narrowed but she remained by the wall. "For Wutai."

"Wutai?" Tifa frowned.

"The whole cliff episode." She grimaced. "Not my best moment."
Tifa didn't reply but merely looked at the young Turk. Elena seemed to hesitate before her face turned into a blank canvas and she went back to her place by the door. The tension had risen and fallen again when Elena's PHS rang.
She listened for a moment, not really bothering to care about the restrained prisoner.

"Certainly. I'm on my way." She hung up and turned on her heels to reach the locked exit.
"I'm sorry about your boss."
Elena stopped mid-step, slowly looking over her shoulder to study the other woman.
"You're about to be executed." She turned around to face Tifa, voice and expression seemingly emotionless.
Four steps later she stood next to Tifa, close enough for the fighter to be able to feel the heat radiating from the rookie, and reached into her pocket. She withdrew her hand, placing it on Tifa's ankle, swiftly pushing a metallic object into Tifa's boot.
"You'd do well to remember this."
Tags: author: vegakapera, fandom: ffvii - ogc, pairing: elena/tifa, prompt: distance

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