Vega Kapera (vegakapera) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,
Vega Kapera

 Title: Foreign Affair
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairing: You're not gonna believe me. It's Drace/Elza. Reddas is in there too.
Words: 200
Notes: Another old thing I found, shame it wasn't the Elena/Mjrn piece I once wrote (yes you read that correctly). I love unorthodox pairings, but it needs a new tag.

It is too much for her sometimes, the weight of her armor becomes the weight of hundreds of souls and the day is without hours. That is when she becomes no-one. Without her armor she doesn't have a name, her face hiding her identity.
Wandering where she could never go.

The gates of his city are always open, even to one such as her. He greets her every time, a warm hand and a smile, like time never passed. It is in his manse she stays for a day or two, sometimes even less than that.
She is safe within those walls, Judge Magisters know how to keep secrets even without their vows. 
The young woman in her bed reminds her of what she once was, before the Empire's whip tamed her and cut out her tongue to silence her. They speak sometimes, sometimes they don't. Mostly they don't.
It's beneficial for them both when they do.
Drace learns the movements of the fallen pirates and where to look for things missing.
Elza learns which guards to speak with to pass unnoticed and the name she should whisper if they ever catch her.
It is a suitable arrangement. Appropriate.
Tags: author: vegakapera, fandom: ffxii - ogc, pairing: drace/elza, prompt: new

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