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Mr. Ite

Sweat - FFVII Aeris/Tifa

Title: Sweat
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII OG
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Implied Aeris/Tifa..?
Prompt: Heat, First
Words: 500
Notes: Jealousy is done all wrong in the FFVII fandom. Hopefully this dilutes that a bit.

It woke her up mouth-first. The thick sheen all over her body was breaking into beads, and drops, and torrents. Salty sweat rolled into her mouth and before she knew it she was squirming underneath the covers, trying to rub off the foreign syrup sticking her to the bed. Her face contorted before her eyes opened.

Unpleasant was the word she would use.

Aeris looked at the wooden ceiling beams. She heard the whispers of the old Kalm pine, the aching of the mineral bolts fastening them in place. The whole Inn was sweating. Just what in the holy hell was going on?

Sitting up was a chore. The covers felt at least twice as heavy as when they had all gone to bed. She was horrified to discover that the air itself was like an open stove. It took her a few moments to find the source of the heat. It was the light. The very light was like a conductor - a conduit for searing wet torture!

Aeris wrested herself completely from the bed's vacuous hold. Her feet didn't come easily -- they were like plungers. She scrambled out of the sunbeam, off the bed and into the shadows. The coat of sweat cooled her down a bit and cleared her head.

She had lived her whole life thinking that the high-powered lights fastened to the underbelly of the plate were enough. That they were a decent enough imitation of the real world. She missed the slums more than ever.

The sweat was now becoming a film, somewhere between liquid and solid. Like a broth, she developed a second skin. Her arms gave an involuntary shiver.

In the bed beside her's, Tifa rolled over and the light hit her face. Aeris watched her expression -- not disturbed. A smile lifted Tifa awake. She sat up and stretched her arms out. Everything about her was positively dry. Aeris watched from the shadows, baffled.

Tifa's eyes floated open, and her hands pawed at her dark hair. "Mmm..." Tifa hummed. "It's so nice to be woken up by the sun again." Tifa closed her eyes and spread out on her bed like a napping cat. Her eyes slid closed again as the smile relaxed but didn't shrink one bit.

Aeris closed her eyes and tried to listen to the Planet. All over Kalm, the plants and animals sighed in relief. Nothing had been so lonely in its harmony.

As the last of the sweat congealed into a cobwebby substance between Aeris' toes, she glanced at Tifa's unsoaked skin. At the tanned glow around her edges. Of the worldliness of her body. Aeris crawled back into the sunlight. This was something she had better get used to.
Tags: author: mr_ite, fandom: ffvii - ogc, pairing: aerith/tifa, prompt: first, prompt: heat

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