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Dreamlinks chapter 4

Title: Dreamlinks Chapter 4
Fandom: Crossover (X/X-2, XII)
Pairing: Ashe/Rikku
Prompt: Dreams
Words: 500
Spoilers: Character details, game venue details.
Author's Note: I know I said I'd do Chapter 5 today, but I couldn't get over a massive writer's block.  I had to consult with multiple people to get enough inspiration for Chapter 4.  Plus, I wasted too much time on YouTube.  I know, excuses, excuses.  I'll hopefully have Chapter 5 up tomorrow.

Ashe knew in their fourth meeting that this was much more than a dream. Something was drawing them together, linking them in sleep. She didn’t know how, but they were drawn together in dreams.
She couldn’t shake the feeling that it was more complicated than that.
Tonight’s dream started in a large wooden room. A polished, hardwood floor, decorated with side tables and sitting furniture and the like. The walls were wooden, too, as was the ceiling.
She followed a short staircase to what appeared to be an arching doorway, and ended up out on a balcony.
Rikku was there, leaning against the railing and gaping at the scenery.
They appeared to be high in the trees, miles above even the highest clouds.
Ashe felt short of breath.
“Rikku,” She said, “We meet yet again.”
Rikku turned and smiled. “Looks like you’re the one who’s late today.”
Ashe smiled back and joined Rikku by the railing.
The trees were enormous, easily as large around as all of Rabanastre, and clearly hundreds of miles tall. The leaves were the size of family dwelling, and were of many different colors. Blues, greens, reds, and any other color imaginable.
“This is amazing,” She breathed, “Even the Salikawood isn’t this beautiful.”
“What’s that?” Rikku said, tilting her head curiously.
“It’s a forest of gigantic trees in my world,” Ashe said, “The trees are large enough to build huts in. Nothing like this, though…”
“Ah, kinda like Macalania,” Rikku said, mostly to herself.
Ashe stared out into the trees for a long time, thinking through ideas in her head, trying to imagine what could be the cause of all this. After a while, she decided to ask Rikku.
“Why do you think we’re having these dreams?” She asked.
Rikku blinked, then looked back out at the scenery. She seemed somehow pensive.
“I dunno,” She eventually said, “I’ve been wondering the same thing…”
Ashe looked at Rikku. It was the first time she’d actually taken the time to look her over. Some part of her mind wanted to compliment her youthful cuteness. She looked only a couple years younger than Ashe.
She mentally kicked herself, looking away. What was she thinking?
“What if these dreams mean something?” Rikku said, “Like, what if they’re trying to tell us something?”
“I don’t follow your reasoning,” Ashe replied.
“Like, what if the two of us appearing here means something? Like, something that has to do with both of us.”
Ashe considered it. It wasn’t impossible, though she couldn’t imagine what the message might be.
“I know I feel something…” Rikku said softly, “I just don’t know what. These dreams are messing with my mind.”
“How so?” Ashe looked back at Rikku.
“I don’t really know. I just… It feels strange to me.”
Ashe turned back towards the surreal scenery.
“It feels strange to me, too. And I can remember everything when I wake.”
“Same here,” Rikku said.
Ashe didn’t know what else to say. So she just stayed quiet.
Tags: author: machina_dues, fandom: crossover, fandom: ffx, fandom: ffx-2, fandom: ffxii - ogc, pairing: ashe/rikku, prompt: dreams

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