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Dreamlinks chapter 5

Title: Dreamlinks Chapter 5
Fandom: Crossover (X/X-2, XII)
Pairing: Ashe/Rikku
Prompt: Dreams
Words: 500
Spoilers: None
Author's Note: Hehe, I'm not done yet. More to come, for sure.

Rikku knew she felt something. She just didn’t know what.
The potential of their meeting was as of yet, unclear. She didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing in these dreams.
She was at as much a loss as before when the fifth dream came. She was standing in pure blackness, surrounded on all sides. She couldn’t see anything besides herself.
Anything, that is, until Ashe appeared directly in front of her.
“You’re late again,” She said, smiling.
If she didn’t know better, she’d say that Ashe looked like she blushed.
“How are you tonight?” She asked, tilting her head.
It was a question neither of them had asked before. Rikku seemed just as surprised at herself for saying it as Ashe did trying to respond. It shouldn’t feel this awkward, but for some reason, it did.
Ashe opened her mouth, trying to respond, when the first explosion suddenly went off in the distance.
A brilliant blue flower of fire appeared in the darkness, only a little ways off, followed by a second one, this time green.
Rikku’s eyes brightened immediately. “Wow, fireworks!”
One of the kinds that spread out like a willow tree and crackled went off, closer this time, followed by a second.
“They’re so pretty,” Rikku said.
She and Ashe watched the fireworks, gaping like children, unaware that the small steps they were taking in their idle thoughts were bringing them slowly closer.
Eventually the fireworks began going off closer to them, shaking their bodies with the loud booms and crackles.
Rikku felt something brush her shoulder and nearly jumped. She turned to find herself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Ashe, who looked like she had just jumped as well.
Rikku suddenly had a thought. Ashe was very pretty, especially for a queen.
Their eyes met, just as a large red firework went off right over their heads. Rikku squeaked in surprise and buried her face in Ashe’s chest, before she realized what she was doing. She looked up, aware that this time, she was the one blushing.
“Ashe, I-“
“It’s okay,” Ashe replied, “I think I realized something when you did that.”
“These dreams brought us together because we were meant to be drawn together.”
Rikku suddenly felt she was right.
“Only in dreams?” She wondered out loud.
Ashe didn’t seem to have a response to that.
Rikku didn’t feel like she needed to back off of Ashe. Apparently Ashe didn’t mind, because she felt Ashe’s arms on her shoulders.
Together, they watched the fireworks silently.
Rikku’s mind raced through thoughts and feelings, sorting its way through emotions she’d never felt before, at least not in situations like these. She felt that some part of her subconscious desires had been fulfilled.
Her eyes lost focus on the fireworks after a while, and she turned back towards Ashe, surprised to find the queen looking back at her. They didn’t say anything, only stared.
Rikku couldn’t help herself any longer. Hey eyes drifted closed. She kissed her.
Tags: author: machina_dues, fandom: crossover, fandom: ffx, fandom: ffx-2, fandom: ffxii - ogc, pairing: ashe/rikku, prompt: dreams

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