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Count to Five

Title: Count to Five
Fandom: FFXIII
Pairing: Implied Fang/Vanille
Prompt: Evening/Night
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100
Spoilers: None

It begins with the kiss. A fleeting comfort.
We had known each other before, though not on this scale.
Another kiss. I feel my heart skip a beat.
Her hand brushes my hair softly. Sharp personality contrast.
A third, longer this time. I feel my mind begin to lose itself.
She smells of combat. She has been fighting. The Cie’th knock at Oerba’s gates.
I feel myself slip into the fourth. My heart skips another beat, then two.
Is Oerba safe? Will we sleep peacefully tonight?
The fifth, this time I linger. My fears are realized.
Ragnarok is nigh.

Tags: author: machina_dues, fandom: ffxiii - ogc, pairing: fang/vanille, prompt: evening/night

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