Nny22 (ryu19) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,

Losers Wait-Tifa/Rikku/Yuffie FFVII/FFX

Title: Losers Wait
Pairing: Tifa/Rikku/Yuffie
Prompt: Dress Up
Rating: M
Words: 392

Tifa sighed as she stared at her reflection.

She couldn't prevent going downstairs for much longer or else the whining would start.

Psyching herself up as much as she could, she left the room and went out into the hallway, taking a deep breath just before the first step down the stairs. Despite these precautions though, she still blushed at the whoops and whistles coming from her two girlfriends.

She could tell that both were on sugar highs, judging by the candy wrappers on the coffee table and normally she would have complained about the mess but this was not a normal situation.

Why did she convince herself that she was right about who wrote Benjamin Button? She was so sure about it that she raised the stakes of the bet she had with Rikku and Yuffie only to be wrong and now she was paying the piper.

Rikku was the first to her feet once Tifa was completely downstairs, walking around her and taking in every inch of her makeover. Suddenly, a nimble hand groped Tifa's exposed rear, the ass-less chaps only part of Tifa's overall ensemble as dictated by two perverted and childish women who just so happened to be fans of Mad Max movies.

The spiked collar round her neck, mohawk, leather jacket, and lack of any undergarments completed the picture, along with a signed promise not to shave her armpits for a month, that last bit being Yuffie's condition if she won her bet , wanting to get Tifa back for her insistence that both Yuffie and Rikku kept up their shaving every week.

Yuffie came up then, slapping Tifa's other bare butt cheek, causing the bartender to wince a bit at the force of it.

"I didn't know you could be so butch Tifa," Yuffie teased, enjoying the look of discomfort on the fist fighter's face.

As embarrassing as all this was, Tifa still felt aroused at how dominant they were being, a reversal of their usual roles.

"Want out of this, don't you my dog of war?" Rikku whispered into her ear.

"Well not yet, you have to do it our way," Yuffie continued, running a hand along Tifa's toned abs.

"I know...losers wait," Tifa replied, looking forward to the day she could get these two back for this, even if it was kind of fun.

Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: ffx, prompt: dress up

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