Nny22 (ryu19) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,

Tailbone-Quistis/Yuffie FFVIII/FFVII

Title: Tailbone
Pairing: Quistis/Yuffie
Prompt: Damage
Rating: T
Words: 423

Quistis quirked one eyebrow, not buying the sniffles coming from the petite young woman in front of her.

"Where did you hurt yourself again?"

Yuffie sniffled and turned around, her short shorts lowered just a bit. "My tailbone..."

It was something out of a sitcom, Quistis decided.

"How did you injure that?"

"Well...I was hanging out with Rikku and Selphie at the park and we saw an empty swing set. So we swung for a bit and I swung a bit too much. Next thing I know I'm on my butt and I'm bruised. It was Selphie who pointed out it was my tailbone and not my booty itself."

Quistis sighed, wondering how on Gaia, the Planet, and the Lifestream she had fallen for someone who used booty to describe her rear. But Yuffie started sniffling again and Quistis hugged her, soothing her as best she could.

Relief for the injury came from a pack of frozen peas which Quistis would need to throw out after they had served their purpose, Yuffie giggling at the cool ice on her butt.

The danger averted for the time being, Quistis amused herself with a book while Yuffie laughed at some inane show on television for about half an hour before standing up and walking over to where Quistis was relaxing on her divan.

"Hey Quisty..."


"Put the book down and look!"

Quistis did so and groaned at the sight of Yuffie's plumber's butt, the ninja bent over a bit to add emphasis.

The instructor's reaction prompted a flurry of giggles and then Yuffie was in her lap, shorts still down a bit.

"Doesn't your tailbone still hurt?"

"Nope, it's all good now. Did you like my plumber's butt?"

"You'll get a real one if you keep stuffing your face with junk food," Quistis pointed out with a pinch to her girlfriend's belly.

"Meanie," Yuffie huffed, pouting out her cheeks.

"That may be true but this meanie will also put up with you, despite your extra pounds, bruised tailbone, and plumber's butt."

That brought the smile back to Yuffie's face and she squeezed Quistis tightly. Quistis smiled a bit as she hugged her lover back, enjoying the moment until Yuffie somehow managed to pull down her jeans, exposing her butt to the open air.

"I knew you'd have a better plumber's butt than me!" the ninja whined

Yes, Quistis thought as she chased the childish woman she loved with every fiber of her serious being through the house, this was definitely like a sitcom.
Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: ffvii - ac, fandom: ffviii, pairing: quistis/yuffie, prompt: damage

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