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The Life Ahead-Tifa/Elena/Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)

Title: The Life Ahead
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Tifa/Elena/Yuffie
Prompt: Revive
Rating: M
Words: 375

It always amazed Tifa and Elena how still Yuffie was while she was sleeping. No matter how wild things had gotten the night before or how stressful the day had been, Yuffie was always the picture of contentment in sleep.

It was almost like she was dead, the slight breaths she took the only thing that dispelled that notion.

One of their favorite things to do was to watch Yuffie while she was sleeping, marveling at how the energy she lived her life with receded in these moments. Sometimes both would look at one another across Yuffie's slumbering body, other times when they were spooning tightly, their eyes less than inches away, their locked gaze reflecting a fantasy of a quiet Yuffie.

This doppelganger was quiet and only spoke when it really mattered. They could see years spent with this introverted young woman, trying to get her to open up more, only to fail. They heard her whispered conffessions of love, but couldn't feel it. They would shiver together at this moment and the doppelganger would fade back into the mists of imagination that had generated her.

When Yuffie woke it was the moment when the lit fuse met dynamite. She'd stretch, yawn as wide as she could, and then give them a smile that reassured them of their connection.

This smile was fleeting, a moment in the tempest of energy that followed as Yuffie whined to do something she knew neither of her more mature soulmates would want to, or begged for food, or started monopolizing the day as her mouth moved faster and faster.

And as Yuffie got out of bed, dashing to the shower where she would start singing whatever came to mind, loudly and out of tune, Tifa and Elena would hold one another's hand, grateful that this whirling dervish of a woman had brought them all together.

Today, Tifa leaves Elena first, heading for the shower and causing a shriek to erupt as she attacks Yuffie with kisses and tickles. Elena follows a few minutes later, goosing Tifa on her rear before teaming up with the bartender to reduce Yuffie to nothing but laughter and smiles as the hot water covers all three and revives them for the life ahead.

Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: ffvii - ac, prompt: revive

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