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Amid The Ranks of Funny-Fang/Lulu (FFX/FFXIII)

Title: Amid The Ranks of Funny
Pairing: Fang/Lulu
Prompt: Humor
Rating: T
Words: 499

Lulu's fingers softly parted bits of Fang's wild hair as the spear-wielder rested in Lulu's lap. It had become a routine for the two of them after a long day at their respective jobs, Lulu's as a magician for the local tourist resort and Fang's job as a security guard at a government facility. The pair had been together for nearly three years now and were both happy where things had ended up.

Lulu's left hand moved in the space between Fang's ear and her head as she rubbed a bit, causing Fang to moan a bit, a smile on Lulu's face at the sound. She rubbed a bit more and Fang's body went completely slack, a bit of a laugh escaping Lulu's mouth at the goofy expression now plastered all over Fang's face.

"Don't...stop..." Fang murmured and Lulu didn't, continuing her tiny ministrations until something else shattered the moment.


Fang could feel the vibration from Lulu's stomach as an even louder growl erupted a moment later.

Lulu's face was a monument to embarrassment and, once Fang had processed exactly where the noise was emanating, laughed heartily.

"It's not funny!" Lulu exclaimed, dignity and reproach flashing from her eyes as they bored into Fang's body.

Fang finally stopped laughing a minute or so later, meeting Lulu's still glaring eyes with a smirk.

"Sorry, love, but it really is funny. Sounds like you're pretty hungry!"

Lulu gave a nod at that.

"There wasn't much time to eat today with the amount of shows I had to do."

Fang nodded in understanding and got to her feet, helpilng Lulu up and leading her to the dining room.

"Just sit down and I'll fix ya something your stomach will thank you for."

Lulu didn't know exactly how to respond to that and spent the next twenty minutes watching as Fang wrestled with the cooking equipment, finally setting a plate of something down in front of her.

Said something was revealed to be macaroni and cheese with chunks of hot dog inside.

Tentatively, the mage took a bite.

Then a larger one and, as Fang watched on, she inhaled the stuff.

Fang had another plate of her creation ready, Lulu eating this swiftly as well.

Fang started to go for another one but was cut off at Lulu's groan.

The mage's stomach was now a taut orb, rounded out from the amount of cheesy sustenance she had ingested, Fang a bit entranced by the sight.

"Full are we?"

Lulu's glare returned in full form then and she opened her mouth to respond.

The belch that escaped instead caused Fang to lose it completely, rolling around on the floor like a dog scratching an itch with it's body.

Lulu sighed and placed her chin in her hand, wondering if Yuna had to deal with such a juvenile sense of humor with Tidus, despite chuckling just a tiny bit.

Belches had their place among amusing events, though she'd never admit it to Fang.
Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: crossover, fandom: ffx, fandom: ffxiii - ogc, pairing; fang/lulu

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