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The Young Shoot-FFVII/FFXIII Lightning/Tifa/Yuffie

Title: The Young Shoot
Pairing: Tifa/Lightning/Yuffie
Prompt: Garden
Rating: G
Words: 495
Author's Note: Sort of a sequel to my Tender Trap drabble.

It was Tifa's turn to be the monster today.

She gave her best roar at the tiny figure riding Lightning's back, the little girl giggling/shrieking as she closed her dark brown eyes.

"Mama, save me!"

Lightning reached her hand out then and lightly swatted Tifa on the head, Tifa rearing back, walking around in a circle before falling on her back, a last, feeble, roar escaping her mouth.

The little girl cheered and got off Lightning's back, kissing her on the cheek.

"Thanks Mama! You're a real hero!"

Lightning blushed a bit at that but returned the cheek kiss with one of her own, running a hand through her daughter's pink hair a moment later.

"I couldn't have done it without your help Bailey."

Bailey smiled, one tooth missing, a result of last week's first visit by the tooth fairy, and ran towards Tifa, slowing down a bit once she was a few inches away.

Lowering her head, she whispered in Tifa's ear.

"Mommy, you don't haves to be the monster anymore."

Suddenly, Bailey was caught by Tifa and lifted high in the air, the child shrieking as Tifa tossed her, caught her, and proceeded to tickle and kiss her all over.

When this was done, she placed Bailey on her shoulders and walked over to Lightning, Bailey laughing from her perch.

"I'm taller than you Mama!"

Lightning chuckled a bit and nodded, hugging Tifa gently as the pair started to head inside.

They had just taken a few steps towards the back door when Yuffie tackled Lightning to the ground, a devilish grin on her face as she started to tickle her wife.

"Don't think Bailey's the only one getting tickled today!" Yuffie crowed, enjoying the laughter spilling from Lightning's lips.

Tifa laughed at the sight and looked up at Bailey only to find that her daughter had a stern, almost Lightning-like, look in her eyes.

"Mom, stop it!"

Yuffie did, after a few more tickles and looked at Bailey.

"And why should I do that?"

"'Cause Mama's a hero and heroes don't get tickled!"

Yuffie nodded at her daughter's logic and helped Lightning up, ignoring the stare that promised she'd pay later that night in bed.

"I suppose you're right, little princess, but you know what?"

Tifa had lowered Bailey to the ground by this point and watched as Bailey approached Yuffie, wonderment in her eyes at the secretive tone Yuffie had used in her reply.


Then it was Bailey getting tickled again, shrieking for help as Tifa placed a hand on Lightning's shoulder.

"You ready, Mama?"

"Always, Mommy," Lighting replied, grinning as she charged to save her daughter, Tifa by her side.

Their backyard might not have had any flowerbeds or exotic plants, but as Yuffie's laughter, soon followed by Bailey's, Tifa's, and Lightning's own as the family played, rang in the air, a young shoot was growing, one that all three women would protect from the elements of life.

Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: ffvii - ogc, fandom: ffxiii - ogc, pairing: lightning/tifa/yuffie, prompt: garden

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