Nny22 (ryu19) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,

Two Hours-Tifa/Fang FFXIII/FFVII

Title: Two Hours
Pairing: Fang/Tifa
Prompt: Continue and Space
Words: Less than 500

Tifa, for all of her impressive stamina, couldn't keep the pants from escaping her mouth, sweat cooling as she stared up at the ceiling.

Beside her, a chuckle escaped the woman responsible for Tifa's exhaustion, prompting the martial artist to turn her head and look at her girlfriend.

Fang smirked as she noticed Tifa's clearly spent features, the droop of her shoulders, the dull look in her eyes where before there had only been a gleam of eagerness and passion, and the heave of her chest as she panted.

"Tired, are we?"

"A whole two hours Fang. Two...hours! How...how can you still be able to think?"

Fang's second chuckle was lower than her first and she moved forward, closing the gap between them and took her exhausted lover into her arms.

"Because I'm tougher than you, darlin', can't deny that, especially now."

Tifa wanted to argue, wanted to say how much she resented being considered inferior, but, as she felt Fang's arms wrap around her and felt her cool breath on the nape of her neck, all Tifa did was close her eyes and lean back into Fang.

She could continue this discussion later, right now....right now all she wanted was some sleep and to feel Fang's heart as it beat out a lullaby.
Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: ffvii - ac, fandom: ffxiii - ogc, pairing: fang/tifa, prompt: continue, prompt: space

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