Nny22 (ryu19) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,

What Does That Make Me?-FFVII/FFXIII Fang/Tifa

Title: What Does That Make Me?
Pairing: Fang/Tifa
Prompt: Confuse
Rating: T
Words: Less than 500

Tifa blinked a bit, jaw going a bit slack at the sight of her wife in front of her.

She knew that miniskirt wrapped around Fang's lower half, along with the white tank-top and suspenders.

It looked ridiculous on Fang, barely covering anything, the Pulsian smirking at the reaction her costume was getting.

"Where did you find that?" Tifa asked after several moments, getting over her confusion.

"Back of the closet."

"I see...and why are you wearing it? It's not Halloween for another week."

"Can't I have fun once in awhile?" Fang replied. "Besides, I got a costume for you as well."

"I have a feeling I'm not going to like this," Tifa muttered, causing Fang to smirk even wider and her eyes to adopt a predatory grin.

Thirty minutes later, Fang was waiting outside the door to their bedroom.

"Come on Tifa, I picked it out special, just for you."

A few moments later, Fang had to swiftly back away at the sudden kicking of the door, Tifa walking out to put her hands on her hips, a brown-eyed glare already boring into Fang.

"This is special?!"

Tifa was referring to the big, fake, pregnancy belly bulging out in front of her, a T-shirt with the words Baby Mamma in bright, tacky, neon pink on the front and a pair of incredibly short jeans completed the image.

Fang moved swiftly to calm her wife down, placing a kiss to the fake belly and then to her lips.

"Well, I just want you to feel how I'm going to in eight months or so," Fang whispered into Tifa's right ear.

"That's not the point Fang, this is-"

Tifa stopped talking as she fully processed just what her soul-mate had imparted to her.

Faltering, heart pounding, brain fizzling, Tifa looked at Fang's flat stomach, her expression between amazement, joy, and disbelief.

"It worked this time?"

Fang nodded, gently placing Tifa's hand on her stomach.

Suddenly, Fang felt the fake belly pressing against her own as Tifa squeezed her as tightly as she could.

"Finally...oh Fang!"

They stayed like that for several minutes before Tifa broke apart and looked at her costume once more.

"But are you really going to wear this shirt and these shorts in eight months?"

Fang's smirk returned, nodding with the confidence she had more than adequate reserves of.

"Of course!"

Tifa giggled and rolled her eyes before she thought a bit harder about the shirt that was currently doing a terrible job of covering up her big, fake, belly.

"Wait a sec, do you think I'm the man in the relationship?!"

Tags: author: ryu19, fandom: ffvii - ogc, fandom: ffxiii - ogc, pairing: fang/tifa

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