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Title: We will always be together
Fandom: FFX-2
Pairing: Paine/Rikku
Prompt: hurt/comfort
Rating: PG
Words:  285, sorry about the awkward number.
Spoilers: Near the end of the story before the final battles.
Author's Note: My first yuri and first drabble, hope you like it.

Rikku could hear a faint sobbing sound coming from Paine's bed but decided to disregard it,
moments later she heard the sound again only this time it was louder and Rikku knew what it was.
Paine had always tried to hide her emotions and feelings but this time they were too strong to resist any longer.

Paine suddenly felt a pair of small arms behind her wrapping lovingly around her waist.
She had warned Rikku of personal space in the past and would normally just push her away yet this time she did not react.

"Are you okay, Dr.P?," Rikku whispered in a quiet yet cheerful tone.

In a low flat tone Paine replied "it's nothing".

"You don't have to hide anything from me," said Rikku.
Paine fell silent for a few moments before rolling over and putting her arms around Rikku's small body.
After a few minutes of silence had passed Paine began to talk in a low whisper,
"I don't want to lose you."

"But i'm not going anywhere," replied Rikku in a confused voice.

"After we defeat Shuyin we will have no reason to be together anymore." Paine sobbed softly.

Rikku held her tighter and replied in a reassuring tone "don't be silly, we will be always be together."

Paine began with a soft kiss on her tender lips.
Rikku could feel her face was wet from her tears.
Warm tears began to pour down her face again but this time they were not tears of sorrow but of hope and joy.
Her kisses were passionate and unrelenting but rikku enjoyed the sensation of Paines soft tongue exploring her mouth.

As she stopped she softly whispered "thank you" into rikku's ear.
Tags: fandom: ffx-2, pairing: paine/rikku, prompt: genre - hurt/comfort

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