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The price of a secret.

Title: Dirty little secrets.
Fandom: FFX.
Pairing: Rikku/Yuna.
Prompt: Unexpected.
Rating: Adult
Words: 500
Warning: masturbation.
Spoilers: none.
Author's Note: I hope everyone understands the ending. Please comment ^^

Yuna had just arrived home after a long day at work, she would normally be greeted by Rikku's cheerful voice but instead there was a strange silence.
Rikku was always home before her but she was no where to be seen.
Yuna noticed that Rikku's bedroom door was slightly open and decided to peek in.
She had caught her pleasuring herself with a photo of Yuna at Rikku's birthday party in her hand.
Yuna made a loud coughing sound to draw her attention.
Rikku saw her at the door before blushing bright red and burying her face in her covers.
Yuna smiled at her and let out a small giggle.

"I'm glad you liked the picture," Yuna said with a cheeky smile.

"It's not what you think," Rikku muffled through her sheets trying to hide her heavy breaths.

"Oh?, then what is it,?" Yuna asked sarcastically.

"I.... erm..." Rikku whimpered nervously.

"I know what you were doing," said Yuna abruptly.

"I'm sorry, please don't tell anyone!," Rikku begged.

"Well if i'm going to keep this dirty little secret from anyone else then you're gonna have to do something for me," said Yuna suggestively.

She paused for a moment but then agreed knowing that if Paine ever found out she would never let her live it down.

"What do you want me to do?."

"Wait here," Yuna replied as she went to fetch something from her bedroom.

She arrived back at Rikku's door moments later with a pair of handcuffs, some bunny ears and a devilish smile on her face.
Rikku willingly obliged to Yuna putting the fluffy bunny ears on her, then firmly cuffing her hands to the rails of the sturdy wooden bed.
Yuna sat down beside her and planted soft kisses up her neck.

Rikku let out a nervous yelp as Yuna touched her wet clit and began to rub it softly.

"Would you like me to stop?"

Rikku couldn't tell if she was nervous or excited as she replied "please don't" to Yuna.

"That's what i thought," said Yuna increasing the pace of her hand and purring into her ear.

Rikku's moans started to get louder and more intense as Yuna's strokes became firmer and faster.
Rikku began to moan wildy as her legs began to quiver and she collapsed into Yuna's arms panting for breath.
Yuna held her tightly as she caught her breath.
"Promise you won't tell Yunie."
"I promise," Yuna said as she removed her handcuffs and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Yuna smiled as she left the room.

Rikku was in a hurry to dress and recompose herself and just as she finished putting her clothes back on she heard the doorbell ring. As Rikku opened the door Paine looked back at her confused at first but then she began to laugh.

"Whats so funny?."

"Why are you wearing those rabbit ears?," said Paine with a knowing smile from her past experiences.
Tags: fandom: ffx-2, pairing: rikku/yuna, prompt: unexpected

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