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Furthest Tides. (FFXII/DAII)

Title: Furthest Tides

Fandom: Crossover

Pairing: Fran (FFXII)/Isabela (Dragon Age II)

Prompt: alien/foreign

Rating: R

Words: 200

Warning: I'm out of shape. It's set in the DA verse.

Spoilers: None

Author's Note: So, I used to go by the name vegakapera which might be familiar to some of you. Haven't written at ages, so this is what you get. 

She had always been suspicious of those of the seas. For good reason, which memory scolded her for forgetting.

They were not like the winds. Harsher. 

Fran was used to picking up the pieces Balthier left in his wake, a useful twist that had served them well many times. This time it was different.
She had learned soon that they did not know Viera, knew nothing of their existance. It was flattering, of course, but inconvenient and highly annoying. Observed always. 

Balthier laughed at her problems, friendly as always but less suave with each unsettling wave. His discomfort comforting.

It had been pure chance that they had run in to the Captain. Even in this land where their Gods had never dared venture, they jested. A deal. The Captain had never seen a gun before. That was how they had managed to sell it.

The Captain was a remarkable creature, a hume with dusky skin and soft lips that concealed sharp teeth and even sharper tongue. Their deal so much more appealing after the Captain had drunken from flasks of amber liquids.
She seemed to appreciate Fran’s claws more than anyone before. 

But in the end, treacherous as the seas.

Tags: fandom: crossover, prompt: alien/foreign

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