sissyhiyah (sissyhiyah) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,

The Suit

Fandom: FFVIII
Pairing: Quistis/Fujin
Prompt: Clothing
Word Count: 100
Rating: T/PG 13

"Don't you think you're exposing an awful lot of skin?"
"I know you want to show off your tan, but I can see...well, everything."
"It really looks amazing on you, but..."
"I can see your scar."
"You know...the one on your thigh."
"Everyone will be staring at you."
"So, don't you think that you should cover yourself a little more before we hit the beach?"
"Yes, that will work fine for the UV rays, but I meant that you need to..."
" eyepatch doesn't count as a one-piece bathing suit."
Tags: author: sissyhiyah, pairing: fujin/quistis, prompt: clothing

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