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Mod post!

 Since there's no official prompt this week and thus nowhere for me to thank everyone who's participated this past week...

^_^ I'm excited to see things picking up around here, so a big thank you to everyone who posted this past week! And a big welcome to our newest member/poster, sissyhiyah !

Week Round-up 

sissyhiyah  (x2) -

Pink  (FFVIII - Quistis/Xu - PG13)
The Suit  (FFVIII - Quistis/Fujin - PG13)

auronlu  - Change of Habit  (FFX - Lucil/Elma - G)

compass_ink  - Merged  (FFVI - Celes/Shiva - PG)

Keep writing guys! You make the chocobos happy! ^_^ Enjoy the Promptathon!
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