June 23rd, 2009

Momiji pointing

Tenth prompt!

Wow! This has been the comm's busiest week so far! XD All that Silence made people want to speak up apparently!  Now, I know it's summer, but where I live, it's been all rainy. D: Could you believe it!? Actually, I like the rain, so I've been pretty happy. In honor of the weather, this week's prompt will be...

Tenth prompt - Rainy day

Paine's gets excited by it for some reason. Lulu wonders if she can use the rain to cure. Rinoa is playing out in it with Angelo. Indoors, outdoors, cuddled up by a fire - what to do on a rainy day? >3 I'm sure you'll think of something.

Any interperation is fine, so long as your drabble is about a rainy day or someone mentioning one. The choice is yours! Your drabble can be either 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 words, exactly. Multiple drabbles are acceptable! Also, please follow the posting rules on the profile page.

This prompt will remain up until Tuesday, June 30rd, 2009, noon (EST).


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Participants this past week and their drabbles:

auronlu  - She Goes Without Saying...  (Yuna/Lulu - FFX - NC17)
hamimifk  - Guilty Admiration  (Fran/Penelo - FFXII:OGC - R)
m_aenea  (x3) -
Alone Together (Terra/Celes - FFVI - G)
Storm Warning (Terra/Celes - FFVI - PG)
When You Cry (Aerith/Tifa - FFVII - G)