August 4th, 2011



 Fandom:  FFVIII/FFIX Crossover
Pairing:  Selphie/Quina
Rating:  M
Prompt:  New
Word Count:  100

She say she conductor.
I say she crazy.
She get mad.
I get scared.
She have crazy eyes.
She say it will work.
I say it crazy idea.
She say that I not free thinker.
I say trains for riding.
She say I right.
I say trains not for eating.
She say that rides same as eating sometimes.
I say come again.
She say exactly.
I confused.
She use hands.
I still confused.
She use hands to show tunnel.
I still confused.
She make train noises.
I say she crazy.
She say she conductor.

She make me whistle like train.