December 23rd, 2011


Prompt #114!

Welp, it's that time of the year, the one you look forward to all year! HOLIDAY PROMPTATHON TIME! YAY! Most of you know it works by now and to those who don't, please refer to the 'How Does This Work?' section below. I would also like to point out the past two holiday promptathons and how they're filled with lonely prompts that were never filled. So if nothing tickles your fancy here, then check out holiday promptathon 1 and holiday promptathon 2 and see if you can fill an old wish (or perhaps inspire a new request of your own).

Holiday Past Prompt Promptathon #3

So, you guys remember how this works, right? No? It's simple! Take a gander at the 'How Does This Work' thing below! ^_^

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This will run for two weeks!

A new prompt will appear Thursday, January 5th, 2011, noon-ish (EST).