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Two Side Triad

Fandom: FFVIII
Pairing: Quistis/Xu
Rating: T/PG 13
Prompt: New
Word count: 500

She hadn't meant to get her new friend so drunk, but when a certain beautiful someone that happened to be the most brilliant dumb bitch Xu had ever met shattered every academic record at Balamb Garden, then meant-to and want-to somehow became one and the same.

Besides, Quistis was cute as hell when she was giggling and tipsy, even if she had beaten every goddamned record Xu had ever set.

"What is this stuff, anyway?"

Xu squinted at the bottle in Quistis' hands. It had a saucy look, that bottle with its fancy label. No dignified label would ever prance about in such a manner, with such whorish curly letters. Snatching the bottle and guzzling a couple of hasty swigs, she coughed, "Not real sure, but I think it was grain in a past life."

Ugh. Quistis had tasted her dear daddy's sweet, sweet brandy on those nights he insisted that his princess looked so very chilly and needed to be held extra close, but this clear fire of Xu's was much different than his warm amber comfort.

Picking up her strange new cards, she tried to remember that she was playing with Xu, her new friend that wasn't going to hurt her, no sir, not one bit. Those days were long gone and that man was far away. Now she had only to make good grades so they would keep her at this new school, this pretty garden with its flowers and vines.

"Well, that's fine, but what do I do when you have so many fire elementals on the table?"

Xu slid a bit closer to her new friend and looked at the cards in her hand. She really was very pretty, this new girl with the golden hair and the strange foreign eyes. She knew that blue eyes existed, of course, but the girls with blue eyes were fairy tales, witches in storybook pages that summoned fire from earth and water from wind. Quistis was just cute and blonde, with that Trabian blood that was so rare in Balamb. There was nothing odd about her. She was just Quistis.

Resting her chin on Quistis' shoulder, Xu tried to teach her a new rule she learned from the old woman at the wharf, but it was difficult to teach when she was so sweet and so soft, so pretty and new.

"We could try playing something else, you know."

"I think that we may be experiencing the intoxi-intoxicat..."

Xu offered the bottle to her new playmate and watched those perfect pink lips form an even more perfect O around the smooth glass as she took another burning sip of vodka. "Mmm, I think you're drunk, princess."

Quistis stiffened and set the bottle on the table. "Don't call me that."

Confused, but unwilling to relinquish her position, Xu kissed her cheek and asked, "What? Drunk?"

"No. Don't ever call me a princess."

"What?" Something told Xu to move back, to take her own cards. "Why?"

"I'm not a princess."
Tags: author: sissyhiyah, fandom: ffviii, pairing: quistis/xu, prompt: new

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