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Fandom: FFVIII
Pairing: Selphie/Eden, and hinted Selphie/Quistis
Rating: R
Prompt: Ghost
Word Count: 400

Note:  I've read The Last Unicorn every winter since I learned how to read.  If you know that book, then you'll recognize some of Eden's desire to remember.  Also, Eden's power is called Devour, which is almost frightening to me, especially since Selphie has Devour as one of her limit breaks.


I smell her on you. You've eaten your fill and you still want more. Such a hungry little girl.

"Leave me alone."

She was delicious, wasn't she? Much different than those creatures that taste of salt and earth...

"She wasn't..."

Then why are you still licking your lips, child? You enjoyed her, didn't you?

"I didn't..."

How was she? It's been centuries since I last tasted a woman...

"It's not like that!"

Oh really?

"She's my friend! It's not...we're not..."

Tell me. I've forgotten wine and song. I've forgotten air and water. Tell me her taste so that I can remember...

"She was..."

She's asleep. She'll never hear you. I heard her cry when you were ...

"That's not the same thing."


"That sort of cry isn't anything at all like those you tear out of people."

Mmm. So I tear, do I? Well child, you've torn something from her that she will never replace.

"I didn't..."

Oh, but you did. When she wakes, do you think she'll look on you as just her 'friend'?

"But she..."

She is one of the old ones. She is a vessel, an urn, but she is never meant to be filled.

"But I could help her. I could give her what she..."

It's the magic, child. The pulse of blue in the old ones. They can never be happy with what is given. Gifts such as your love are not for them. They take and tear and rip and devour, eating the spirit of the earth and spitting the bones upon the sand....

"Like how you devour?"

Hmm. It is similar, I suppose. Though I hunger for more than spirits. I have had enough of that.

"And you want me to be the one to tell you about her."

Oh yes. I grow weary of drinking the wine from the empty bottle. Memories can only carry their flavor for so long before they become ghosts as well.

"Well, you act like you know everything about her anyway, so why are you even asking me about her?!"

Child, I can taste her for myself and make her scream. I can nestle in your mind and taste the world again, the berries and the clouds, the woodsmoke and blood and ash and cinders...

"Why are you doing this?"

I want to remember. Even the guardians crave the ghosts of what is denied us, child.


Tags: author: sissyhiyah, fandom: ffviii, pairing: eden/selphie, prompt: ghost

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