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Letters - Krile / Lenna (FFV)

Title: Letters
Fandom: Final Fantasy V
Pairing: Krile / Lenna
Prompt: Writing
Rating: G
Words: 300
Spoilers?: None really, but takes place post-game.
Author's Note: I was going to write this last week but it died halfway for some reason. Also, this is the same person as eowynjedi ; I've just switched journals. :)

Krile took the steps up to the dragonloft by twos as the sunset cast long shadows and red-orange ligt over Bal Castle. The air was cooling, much to her relief. Even with the plains restored, the summer was still unbearably muggy. She relaxed against the side of the napping wind drake and pulled out a neatly folded envelope from her jacket pocket. Even the sound of the paper as she pulled it open was neat, the cursive on the page perfectly formed. Much different than Faris' cramped scrawl or Bartz's chocobo-scratch, or Mid's scribbled print.

Of course, she liked seeing handwriting from all of her friends. Getting ready to assume the throne didn't leave a lot of time for herself--couldn't exactly hop on her wind drake and say hi, when they all had their own lives to deal with too. Letters from them meant more than she could say.

From Lenna, though... Krile looked at the writing, seeing not Lenna with the crown and the fancier garments she wore as Queen Tycoon, but Lenna's pretty face framed by its pink hair, and the little orange dress she wore when traveling. The Lenna who fought fiercely when the rest of them flagged, always ready to find some little thing to look at and appreciate when the weather was rotten and the monsters just wouldn't leave them be.

It was nice to know, Krile thought as she read with a slight smile, that Lenna hadn't changed. Still the same person she'd seen when they'd gone to Tycoon Castle, before defeating Exdeath. It had been pretty obvious to see how much her people loved her. No distant queen sitting above her subjects. Just a woman they could trust completely. Brave, beautiful, and kind.

It was quite impossible not to love her, Krile thought.
Tags: author: eowynjedi, fandom: ffv, pairing: krile/lenna, prompt: writing

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