sissyhiyah (sissyhiyah) wrote in ff_yuri_drabble,


 Fandom: FFVIII
Pairing: Quistis/Xu
Rating: R
Prompt: First
Word Count: 200
Note: Yeah.  You're thinking right.  They're racing.  

"You...skinny...four-eyed...bitch..." Xu rarely insulted Quistis, but there were times that adoring her simply wouldn't be appropriate. "I won't let you win this time."
Quistis took a deep breath and peeked at Xu through the strands of hair sticking to her sweating face. She loved her, but sometimes the competition mattered more than even the deepest friendship. "Better move a little faster. You know what happened last time."
Xu felt a cramp seize her left thigh. She grimaced, then ground her teeth together and growled, "You cheated. We weren't supposed to use...oil!!!!"
At Xu's shriek, Quistis thought that the neighbors would definitely call the cops this time. "No, we weren't supposed to use tools. We never said a word about oil."
" wasn't..." Quistis stretched, bent at her waist, then moved faster than Xu had ever seen her move before. Holy hell, how did she even do that?! "Did you cast haste on yourself?"
Quistis gave Xu her smuggest grin, then wiggled her fingers. "You never said we couldn't use magic..."
"What?!" Not one to lose again, Xu cast her own haste spell, but slightly lower. "F-fir..."
"Xu, what did you...? Hey!"
"Fir..." Xu fell back in a breathless heap. "First!"

Tags: author: sissyhiyah, fandom: ffviii, pairing: quistis/xu, prompt: first

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