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Prompt Seventy-Nine!

Mod is on time today. Booyah! Ah well, so I hope everyone has been enjoying the new year. And I'm out of words. ^_^ Enjoy this week's prompt!

Prompt Seventy-Nine - Telpathy

Speaking straight to another's mind or reading someone's thought or... well, whatever. Just let there be telepathy!

Any interpretation of the prompt is fine so long as it's about telepathy or someone mentioning it. Your drabbles must be either 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 words exactly. Multiple drabbles are acceptable! Just don't forget to follow the other posting (and general rules) on the profile page.

A new prompt will appear next Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 noon-ish (EST).

Don't forget - past prompts are always open!

And drop off your prompt ideas here!


Participant(s) this past week and their drabble(s) -

sissyhiyah - First (FFVIII, Quistis/Xu, R)

vegakapera - Head Over Heels (FFVII, Elena/Yuffie, NC17)
Tags: prompt: telepathy

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