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ff_yuri_drabble's Journal

Because there's too much yaoi!

Final Fantasy yuri drabbles
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Yuri based drabbles for the Final Fantasy series

Welcome to a non-dead FF yuri community! :D

This is a drabble community. Why? Because drabbles are easier to handle and write. Drabble communities tend to flourish more then regular fanfic communities. Hence, why so many communities seem to die off. So my goal here is to keep a FF yuri community thriving by using drabbles and prompts! ^-^ I'm just as excited as you are! XD

Here, I'll be handing out prompts once a week. In return, you'll be able to submit drabbles that contain any yuri pairing from any Final Fantasy game or spin-off (more about that in a bit). The drabbles will not be regular 100 word limit only! Here, your drabbles can be either 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 words exactly! This gives you more creative freedom! ^-^ Yes, I'm all about the creativity.


-This is a yuri community! Only drabbles containing female/female pairings are allowed. Other pairings are okay, so long as they're only a minor pairing in a yuri focused drabble.

-This is a Final Fantasy based community. I love all kinds of yuri/femslash, but this place is for only for Final Fantasy yuri.

-Drabbles can be either 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 words. I'd prefer if they are one of those five nice round numbers, but it's okay if they aren't exact. Just remember, this is a challenge community, so you're only cheating yourself if you can't meet the challenge of a nice round number. ^.^ Use this spiffy word counter to help you: http://www.wordcounttool.com/

ETA: I've been experiencing problems with the above link. If it's giving you trouble too, then I recommend this site - http://www.wordcalc.com/ - It's even better then the above link, as it shows you more stats for your writing. XD But to save yourself some mild insanity, make sure to just keep the box next to 'word count' checked, leave the rest unchecked unless you want the extra stats.

-I'll accept any yuri drabble that is from any of the Final Fantasy series (including the animes and movies). This also includes any side games that contain FF characters, such as Kingdom Hearts, so long as at least one female FF character is part of the main pairing.

-Threesomes are very much welcomed! :D So are moresomes!

-All ratings are muchly welcomed! :D :D

-New prompts will be posted once a week (unless stated otherwise). I'll be aiming for every Tuesday, noon EST, but you may or may not get an extra day (depending on what I'm doing in my life at the time). If you don't see a new post from me by the mentioned time, then keep posting until you do! XD

-NO FLAMING! None! I will not except it whatsoever! I'll ban the first person trying to pick a fight! >O Take your homophobia somewhere else!

-Please spell check your work! >< I'll delete anyone's drabble that has numerous misspellings and will not fix them when asked! I understand and accept a few slip-ups, I do that all the time. But do take the time to re-read your work and try to catch any mistakes (and pay attention if anyone points out an error to you).

-No spam or advertising here. -.- Just... Please? The only exception is for announcements for yuri/femslash related contests. Wanna affiliate? Leave a message in the comment section of my most recent prompt post.

-After some consideration, I will allow members to post their drabbles in all CAPSLOCK, with the exception that it must be properly written. No 'TEH GIRLZ' will be allowed. Spell right, follow the rest of the rules, or don't post at all. ^-^

-Multiple drabbles are allowed. Feel free to write as many drabbles as you want for the prompt of the week!

-NEW All past prompts are open for use whenever the mood strikes you. Pair them up with the previous prompt, use a bunch of them at once - whatever you like! XD

-More rules as I think them up.-


I was inspired to create this community because every yuri based FF community I checked, hadn't been updated in months or was only updated once every few months. ^^;; Plus, I'm a bit drabble crazy at the moment. The word count limit is based on slashthedrabble community's word count limit.

If anyone would like to help me out, please, let me know. ._. I'm actually a bit computer stupid, so if anyone wants to help me figure out html, mod, or anything else, send me a message! T-T I'll be muchly appreciative!

Posting format:

Title - Pairing (Fandom)

Spoilers?: (if applicable)
Author's Note: (if applicable)

I'd prefer if you use tags when you post. Nothing much, just the fandom, pairing, prompt, and author name (you!). I put up tags for all the base FF games (FFVII, FFXII, etc). I also did a few pairing tags, but only for the games I know (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX-2, FFXII, and FF Tactics). I'll add more as people put up their drabbles. If there are any tags in particular you want or need, let me know, and I'll add them (if I see fit). Please refer to the tag list to see what's up already. ^_~

This community is now mirrored on Insanejournal! Come join up there too! http://asylums.insanejournal.com/ff_yuri_drabble/profile


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