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Mod post - Hiatus

I apologize for my lack of updating in recent weeks.

However, this post pertains to the fact that I've decided to temporarily go on hiatus from my duties here at ff_yuri_drabble due to real life issues that are stressing me out and could interfere with my abilities to maintain the community. It is only a temporary hiatus - I may be back as soon as next week or the week after, but right now, I feel it best to do this. I promise to be back as soon as I possibly can and I apologize for this. Love you all greatly and I promise to be back as soon as possible.


ETA This community is NOT DEAD, thus you may continue to post your drabbles based on past prompts here.
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Mod Post - Special Prompt Day Over

This post marks the official end of Special Prompt Day for my birthday. A HUGE thank you to everyone for making my birthday that much more awesome with your fics! ^_^ You guys are awesome!

All rules are now back in effect, especially the one about word count.

Quick rundown of the fics -

rijsg - Accolade (FFVI/VIII, Celes/Ultimecia, NC17)

thunderousmoon - Protection (FFXII:ogc, Fran/Penelo, PG13)

sissyhiyah - Secrets (FFXII: ogc, Fran/Penelo, PG13)

vegakapera - Laws of Nature (FFXII:ogc, Fran/Penelo, PG)

*hugs everyone who wrote and all the well wishers*
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Special Prompt Day!

And I'm forty-five minutes late, but it's officially Thursday on the East Coast and thus my birthday! So the any-length fics, using prompts seen so far on this comm, I mentioned you could write on Monday?


(Don't forget to tag properly and follow the comm's rules, well except for the one about length.)

At midnight, PST (I'm being fair about this because I know some people live on the West Coast of the US, so it gives those of you on the East Coast three extra hours!) I'll post to announce that the special prompt day is over and no more any-length fics will be excepted. It's back to normal posting rules.

So have fun guys! ^_^
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Pre-promptathon round up post!

Just a quick round up before I post ff_yuri_drabble's 2nd Promptathon! Good to see some new life around here. Thanks to those who wrote and welcome to our newest affliate - yuri_challenge!

-.- Btw, please don't spam this community with things completely unrelated to fandom or writing challenges. It will piss me off. First time offenders get their post deleted. Second time offenders get their post deleted and a ban from the comm. If you're not sure what can be advertised here, send me a pm.

Don't forget - past prompts are always open!

And drop off your prompt ideas here!

Participants these past week(s) and their drabble(s) -

dagas_isa - Five Ways to Win a Warrior (Or Maybe Just Annoy Her) (FFX-2, Paine/Rikku, PG13)

sheumouna - School Bells (FFVIII, Quistis/Selphie, NC17)
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Mod post!

 Since there's no official prompt this week and thus nowhere for me to thank everyone who's participated this past week...

^_^ I'm excited to see things picking up around here, so a big thank you to everyone who posted this past week! And a big welcome to our newest member/poster, sissyhiyah !

Week Round-up 

sissyhiyah  (x2) -

Pink  (FFVIII - Quistis/Xu - PG13)
The Suit  (FFVIII - Quistis/Fujin - PG13)

auronlu  - Change of Habit  (FFX - Lucil/Elma - G)

compass_ink  - Merged  (FFVI - Celes/Shiva - PG)

Keep writing guys! You make the chocobos happy! ^_^ Enjoy the Promptathon!
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Eleventh Prompt! and a Mod Post!

Wow! What an amazing week of drabbles! A big welcome to all the newcomers and a big thanks to those who wrote again this week! :D You've made this past week pleasant for me, since it was a bit hectic. ^_^ I told you, I love rainy days! They bring out the best of things.

*claps hands together* Tomorrow is a very special day for me! :D It's my birthday! To celebrate, this week only, I'm allowing you to write any length fic for this week's prompt!!! It's only for this week though. Come next Tuesday, we're back to the regular rules (and this week's prompt will have to written based on the word limits), but until then, I'm encouraging you all to go a little crazy this week with the length (don't be afraid to get a little dirty either with your fic). ^__^ It'll make my birthday that much more fun. So what's this week's prompt? Well, obviously, it's...

Eleventh prompt - Birthday

Who else is celebrating their birthday? Rikku? Celes? Alma? Is someone planning something special for their loved ones important day? Or is someone dreading getting another year older? Surprise parties, gifts, special locations... There's a lot that can happen on someone's birthday!

Any interpertation of the prompt is fine, so long as your drabble is about a birthday or someone mentioning one. The choice is yours! Your drabble can be either 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 words, exactly. Multiple drabbles are acceptable!   GO CRAZY THIS WEEK! Just don't forget to follow the other posting (and general) rules on the profile page.

This prompt will remain up until Tuesday, July 7th, 2009, noon (EST).


Don't forget to show love to the mirror site on IJ! (which even I kind of neglected this past week ._. )

Participants this past week and their drabbles:

auronlu  - She Blooms in Tears (Yuna/Lulu - FFX - PG)
</a></b></a>eowynjedi  (x2) -
Beauty (Krile/Lenna - FFV - G)
Hello (Celes/Shiva - FFVI - G)
hamimifk  - Nothing Worth Living For (Shalua/Yuffie - FFVII: DoC - PG)
m_aenea  - Waterfalls (Rosa/Rydia - FFIV - G)
redknightalex  - Change of Heart (Ashe/Penelo - FFXII: OGC - G)</a>
Big smile!

Change of Schedule

x.x; I seem to have trouble updating this community when I'm suppose to. @.@; Not really sure why... *stupid*

...! I'm synching up the posting schedule with the mirror site's schedule (feel free to visit me on IJ anytime - the link's right there under the icon of the lovely ladies from FFVIII). As of today, a new prompt will be put up every Tuesday (instead of Friday). ^.^ Don't be shy now, come on in and post as much as you dare want.


Big smile!

Grand Opening!


This is a my first ever LJ community and it's focus: A place for Final Fantasy yuri drabble goodness! :D

So you like drabbles? Do you like Final Fantasy? Do you like girl/girl love? THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Heck, even if you only have a passing interest in any of the above or are just curious to see if you can write a yuri pairing, you're more then welcome here! Just a reader / lurker? Fine by me! Or you can even join and just lurk, that's cool too. Just know, if you want to post, you have to join. If you just want to review (which is an awesomely nice thing for you to do) then I've opened it up so that even everyone (member or not) can comment!

Either later today or possibly tomorrow, I'll be mirroring this community on InsaneJournal. ^-^ So look forward to that. ^^ I'll announce it here when I do.