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Echo of a Memory - Aerith/Tifa

Title: Echo of a Memory
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
Characters/Pairing: Tifa/Aerith
Rating/Warnings: G, angst
Written For: Flowers prompt
Words: 200
Spoilers?: Only the famous one.
Author's Note: Time to write? I thought that was a myth.

The flowers brushed against her skin, just lightly enough for her to be aware of their touch. Curled on her side in the floor of the church, the world was a haze of pastel greens and ivories, except for the dark heap of her gloves. With one newly bared hand, she traced the pale curve of the nearest blossom, tilting it closer to her face.

“Love you, Aerith,” she whispered into the flower. She didn’t know if the other woman could hear, but she had to imagine it was worth a try.

Sighing, Tifa closed her eyes against the early afternoon light. She had her watch set; she’d be back at the bar in time to open for the evening. In the meantime, she could rest. Just for a little while.

The church air was incredible – flowers, soft good earth, and just a hint of the soot outside. All it needed was a slight hint of fresh sweat, and maybe the electric scent left after the sizzle of a spell.

What was left of Aerith drifted over and around the sleeping woman, pouring Lifestream over the shadows under her eyes and twining with the flower stems in between her fingers.
Watchmen | you are life

Empty Space [Tifa/Aerith - Final Fantasy VII]

Title: Empty Space
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - AC
Pairing: Tifa/Aerith (very dysfunctional Cloud/Tifa, too, and implied Cloud/Aerith)
Prompt: Pain
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Spoilers?: Did you know Romeo and Juliet die too?
Author's Note: I don't know how I wrote this, but I kind of like it. x-posted to aerith_and_tifa; that community's seems at least half-dead, so it might be helpful if people commented (or posted!) over there.
Life goes on.

He never buys her flowers, and she never braids her hair. She keeps her skirts dark and above the knee, and he makes sure that when he picks up laundry detergent, it smells sugary or spicy. They hold each other late at night, split-knuckled fingers caressing sturdy, tough fighter’s muscles. They brighten up the old rooms with fruit bowls or new curtains, and Tifa says nothing at all when Marlene starts wearing her ribbon as a headband to hold back her chin-length hair.

Once, someone asked her what it was like to be married to Cloud Strife. She blinked, and said that she supposed that after all that they’d been through together, she probably saw him differently than most.

It’s even true. She sees him as someone who understands the shape of the hole in her life, because he’s got a gap the exact same shape. Like a silver-haired someone laid their lives on top of each other like pieces of cloth, and cut out a flower girl’s silhouette.

She stays with him because he knows what she’s lost, and he stays with her because she will never try to fill the void. And life goes on.

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FFX: Belgemine/Ginnem and FFVII: Tifa/Aerith

Title: Shelter
Fandom: FFX
Pairing: Belgemine/Ginnem
Prompt: NPCs
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Author's Note: Their character designs are a little too similar, but the temptation was too good to pass up. This one is also my attempt to break out of my use of present tense.

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Title: Forget Me Not
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Tifa/Aerith
Prompts: Absence, Tifa Lockhart, Dreams, Evening/Night
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Spoilers? Er, well, for a certain very obvious spoiler that everyone probably knows anyway.

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Healing - Aerith/Tifa (FFVII OGC)

Title: Healing
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Aerith/Tifa
Prompt: Kiss (and I guess Evening/Night too...)
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Author's Note: First post, first attempt at yuri, first drabble...and it's sweet and fluffy and kind of silly. Enjoy!

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